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I love developing new characters

and stories. Here is a series of

project and shortfilms I have been

working on over the years.

"Level 15"

Development for a TV series for 



Development for a TV series for 


"The Pirate-Princess"

Development for a TV series


Graphic Novel about my path

"The Pulse"

Graphic Novel or

episodic TV-series


My daughter and her friends

are pitching a TV series to me.

"Hairy Scary"

Directed 3D animated TV-series

for Super-RTL (Germany) and TF1 (France).

Series won several awards for

"Best animated TV-series", in-


"Best Animated TV-Series" at:

"The International Animation 

Festival Stuttgart" in 2006.

"The Dome"

Graphic Novel

"The Moving Pyramid"

Created, wrote and directed this

shortfilm at Industrial, Light&Magic.

Won several awards on International 

Animation Festivals, including:

"Best Animated Short" at the L.A. 

International Shortfilm Festival 2001"

"Fred the Caveman"

Created, wrote and directed this

series for Teletoon Canada and

Teletoon France in 2001-2001

"The Busstop"

My first short-film

Exploring all principals of animation.

marker on paper

"King Arthur and the Dragon"

My first pilot for a mini-TV-series


Terrance Scammel, talented

voice-actor, improvised on set. 

It inspired me to do a little short.

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